2011: Hip-hop Just Fucked your Face!

2011 was a great year for rap. You might have noticed all kinds of new and diverse hip-hop artists popping up this year releasing mixtape after mixtape that turned YouTube views into real money. But you probably didn’t notice that many of these artists weren’t just after your ears- they wanna fuck your whole face. In the past rappers have gotten head, brains, and dome but now they’re fucking faces.

These are the top 5 artists of 2011 you need to know -who are out to fuck your face.

Danny Brown - Monopoly @ 2:30

Danny Brown may have a silly haircut but he takes fucking faces very seriously. You can hear how pissed he is to have to partake in such extreme forms of oral sex.

Tyler, The Creator - Burgers @ 1:43

Basically Tyler, The Creator is crediting his success to kids in london who needed a soundtrack to fighting and facefucking (maybe facefucking will becomeĀ a hypermacho form of fighting in some Mad Max Hardcore-style distopian future)

The Weeknd - Loft Music @ 1:49

Its safe to assume that The Weeknd is always on drugs and horny. Plus he hangs out in clubs so cool that everyone just fucks each others faces. So stop being a narc and getting so weird about it, alright!

Lil B - Pretty Boy @ 3:18

Lil B says he’s gonna “Fuck her face like her husband”- Isn’t that sweet… I think. I like to imagine Lil B up in his bedroom, while his mom is cooking dinner, just recording that 4 minutes of “Woo Woo Woo Woo” over and over again.

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire - The Last Huzzah @ 4:44

Technically, this is “Skull-fucking”, but judging by the size of Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire’s gut it’s safe to assume if he face fucked anyone it’ll end up being as frightening as the term “skull-fucking” anyway.

As it turns out, regardless of “face-fucking” references, these are just some good songs to listen to so be glad you did.

Also that Lil B song came out in 2009 but it’s still on the list-so message me if you know an alternative.

And because it seems appropriate:

Suck a dick, 2011!