Joel Straley

Oct 14

Dungeons & Dickery COMING IN 2015!

In 2015 this great web series that I was a part of will be released! It’s a Dungeons and Dragons game with stop-motion animation for the battle sequences. This is gonna be a fun one!

Go check out the people who made it possible at TOFU BANDIT MEDIA and STOP MOTION DICKERY 

Oct 13

Oct 07

Dead from New York! here’s some jokes i wrote

Getting ever closer to my dream of being fired from SNL here is my rejected submission to contribute to Weekend Update. 

1. Pennsylvania police arrested a man who broke into an area bar and took a nap on a table. The arrest took longer than expected when the man said “Just five more minutes.”

2. A woman in Florida is selling high-end purses made out of dog hair. The purses currently sell for a thousand dollars a piece but she believes that the price will go down once people find out they’re made of dog hair.

3. An 11 year old boy in China, who was washing his hands in a river, discovered a 3,000 year old sword. He had no time to play with it however because he had to get back to his shift at the iPhone factory.

4. In Liverpool, an invasion of over a million mosquitos has sent dozens of residents to the hospital creating an annoyingly high pitched sound in the ears of the doctors.

5. This week in Japan an event to raise HIV awareness, entitled Boob Aid, was held, where in an exchange for a donation participants were able to squeeze the breasts of adult film stars. Nothing says HIV awareness like paying to go to second base with a stranger.

6. A man in Fredericksburg, Virginia broke into a home and stole 25 rolls of toilet paper. He was apprehended after a piece of toilet paper led the police right to his shoe.

7. A Southwest Airlines passenger was detained this weekend after changing his Wi-Fi hotspot name to phrases like “Bomb on board” and “The bomb is on the seat.” He is being charged with “forgetting 9/11.”

8. Because of massive budget shortfalls in Detroit, many of the city’s fire stations rely on a jerry-rigged alarm system consisting of a coke can full of change and a fax machine. So that’s where Macguyver went.

9. Panera Bread issued a statement asking customers to not bring guns into its restaurants. But if you’re the type of person who brings a gun into Panera Bread then you probably don’t read the statements released by Panera Bread.

10. A new report shows that American children are getting a third too much salt in their food. What’s worse is they’re getting two-thirds all over the table – JEREMY!

Aug 23

Comedy…No, Seriously…Comedy - Part 4 - Mime

The last in our 4 part series “Comedy…No, Seriously…Comedy” where we finally take on miming!

TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT Soap Presents the Soap Sketch Special on Brooklyn Free Speech TV.

Watch it streaming here:

Aug 21

Comedy…No, Seriously…Comedy - Part 3 - Improv


Comedy…No, Seriously…Comedy - Part 3 - Improv

If you liked this be sure to check out our half hour special, Soap Presents The Soap Sketch Special, this SATURDAY at MIDNIGHT on Brooklyn’s Free Speech TV BPN 3 (Time Warner 56, Cablevision 69, RCN 84, Verizon FiOS 44)

It will be streaming here:

Improv truly is the bravest kind of performance.

Watch our half hour special on Brooklyn Free Speech TV this SATURDAY at MIDNIGHT:

Aug 20

Comedy…No, Seriously…Comedy - Part 2 - Sketch

Part 2 of “Comedy…No, Seriously…Comedy” with a Special Appearance by Andrew Kimler.

Also be sure to watch Soap Presents The Soap Sketch Special this Saturday at Midnight on Brooklyn Free Speech TV! BPN 3!

Check your local listings!

Aug 19

Comedy….No, Seriously…Comedy - Part 1 - Stand-Up


This SUNDAY at MIDNIGHT we premiere our Half-Hour Special on Brooklyn Free Speech TV. For now check out Part 1 of our series “Comedy….No, Seriously…Comedy”

Watch Part 1 of “Comedy…No, Seriously…Comedy”

Aug 18

New World Disorder: The Illuminati Interactive VHS game


Written, filmed, edited and premiered in 12 hours for the August edition of the PIT’s SKTCH SHW. 

The VHS game of the summer is here!!

NEW WORLD DISORDER: The Illuminati Interactive VHS Game! 

Jul 17


I directed and appear* in the first release from VDO BROS.

2 dudes get SHITFACED.

It’s called SHITFACED.


*a kid asked his dad what I was doing. He replied “he’s performing a play”.

Jun 28



When you tired of laughing your ass off come see DESERT NOIR at DCM. We’re at THEATER 80 on St. Marks Saturday Afternoon at 6:45pm. 

Our DCM set will be a fast, truncated version of our usual 3-act improvised drama. 

Desert Noir is also continuing their run at the KRAINE Theater SUNDAYS at 7pm on June 29, July 6 and July 13.